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About Goodnews Spring City

Goodnews Spring City is a modern Mega Estate that provides all the facilities and services needed for its investors and Landlords. Like all other Goodnews projects, it is developed and powered by Goodnews Estate Ltd

An highlight of what you should expect in Goodnews Spring City is a secured yet rapidly appreciating Real Estate Property that is classy and yet affordable to the common person as at now.
Below are some of the expected features:


Goodnews Spring City will feature so much yet remain very affordable to live in. allowing cost savings and convenience through the use of common infrastructure. It is both the perfect place to be if you desire an estate in a conducive environment that you can build a happy family and run a thriving business!

Recreation Center

What's amazing about our planned recreation center is that it will be great for people of all ages to relax and have fun in its facilities.


Security is topmost on  our minds when designing the estate.


We combine on grid and off grid solution to provide options for all residents in our estate


A serene environment that makes creativity possible and progress inevitable.

Clean water

Water is life and life flows in the estate. Not much treatment is needed as the water is naturally clean and clear.

Good road

Good road network making commuting easy and effective.

Effective Drainages

Effective even in flooding

Street Lights

We provide and power lights in the estate to make everywhere bright night time as day.


At the core is our connection to nature which makes the environment healthier for living

Commercial Buildings

Commercial areas not far from the residential areas make living in the estate balanced

Event Centers

As social beings, we must get together often.

Walk ways

Space enough for biking, walking or running.

Smart balanced

This concept leverages technology but balances its implementation so that you live in a non-intrusive smart environment.

Perimeter Fencing

Covering the entire estate.

Great Neighbourhood

The neighbourhood includes projects like the new international airport, etc.

Get over 100% ROI ( Return in Investment) within 1 year.

Get 33% OFF Today

Price returns to 2.2 million naira per plot  after this month. A plot is 600sqm.

You can buy and sell after price changes, so get them before it’s too late.

₦2.2M    ₦1.8M

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