The Landlord Club

The Landlord Club is a programme designed to provide an easy means for tenants to become landlords or for landlord to invest in Real Estate through flexible payment plans that does not require sacrificing current projects while investing or migrating to the Landlord status.

More about the landlord's club

This is not a social club. It is one comprising of tenants who wish to migrate to the landlord status consequently, the landlord club describes a group of tenants who wish to acquire land properties from Goodnews Estate Ltd and pay in bits using a flexible pay as it comes plan or though daily, weekly or montly instalments spread over a period of time spanning 12 to 60 months. It also includes other investors who wants to take advantage of the seamless payment system of the landlord club to acquire more land properties for investment or to build more houses.

From the director

Pastor A.M. Obuesi Chairman, CEO Goodnews Estate Ltd

Would you rather remain a tenant if you had the opportunity to become a landlord?

If your answer is yes, good luck! Your landlord will be glad to know that you want to remain a tenant for the rest of your life.

If your answer is no, why then will you continue to pay your annual rent when you can purchase a 150sqm property at Goodnews popular estate, Ajegbenwa Elerangbe for 450,000 and use the balance of your rent to start building your own room and parlour apartment and become a landlord living in your own house?

Take the bull by the horn, purchase your land allocation form with a non-refundable fee of N10,000 only and get to any GTBank branch and pay your first deposit of Fifty Thousand Naira (50,000) and above to account details given below:

Account Number: 0658310154
Bank Name: GTBank

Then, take your teller to Goodnews Head Office at Ogombo or email After that, you can continue to pay the balance as the fund comes or pay weekly or monthly. When you  are done with all payments, execute necessary title documents within a week and start your building instantly!

What a goodnews! It’s so simple!

Frequently Asked Questions​

The landlord club is a special creation of pastor A.M. Obuesi, a prominent property investor, developer and consultant with vast interest within Lekki axis and he chairman/CEO of Goodnews Estate Ltd, the owner of Goodneas Estate at Ogombo, Ajegbenwa, Tagbati, Manyunre and Ita Omu.

The primary goals of the sponsors of the Landlords Club are:

  1. To provided a first-class and reliable platform for low-income earners to acquire landed properties and build houses without stress.
  2. To assist at least, 10,000 tenants to migrate to the landlord status within a decade.
  3. To help bridge the gap between mortgage service providers and their prospective clients.


We have lands available at the following locations:

  1. Goodnews Dream City, Ita-Omu
  2. Goodnews Grace Garden, Tagbati
  3. Goodnews Sun City, Ajegbenwa
  4. Goodnews Hope Ville, Ibeju-Iba Oloja

Investors can choose the sizes of land is convenient for them from the following:

  1. Full plot of land, measuring 60*120ft (668sqm)
  2. Half a plot of lands, measuring 30*120 or 60*60ft (334sqm)
  3. A quarter of a plot of lands measuring 30*60ft (167sqm)

Full plot will be measured at 600sqm from May of 2022

Please request for the payment plan sheet relevant to yours interest.

The landlords Club offers you unique and amazing payment options that guarantee that every serious-minded tenant who desires to migrate to the landlord status can do so within 1-5 years.

Members of the landlords Club do not need to pay for land once or twice. Instead, payments are made in bits as the fund comes or in regular (daily, weekly or monthly) installments, spread over a 12-60 -months period

Question about Membership

Just take the following steps:

  1. Obtain the membership registration from with a non-refundable fee of #10,000.00 only. Fill the form and return it to Goodnews Estate ltd.
  2. Choose the location that is most suitable to you. In making this choice, consider the costs of the various options. It pays to choose the lowest, regardless of development. The cities you see today were once forests. Therefore be wise in your choice. Remember that you have other commitments.
  3. Decide on the sizes of land you need. Start with a little. It is best to take a quarter of plot and complete the payment within schedule, than ton go for a plot and drop midway. Don’t bite more than you can chew. You can always start all over after completing the first phase.
  4. Lower your daily-payment margin by going for a long period. If you believe that an 18-months payment period will be difficult, why don’t you opt for a 24-months payment period or more? It is not how fast but how successful and stress free you make it for yourself.
  5. Make your first deposit.
    Keep all evidences of payment intact for account reconciliation purposes.

There are two classes of membership in the Landlord Club


ORDINARY MEMBERS: These are people whose primary interest is to pay for the land of their choice and at the end of the agreed period, they are allocated their plot(s) of land and thereafter can begin physical development.


FINANCIAL MEMBERS: They are those members who are financially committed to the club and in return enjoy a number of special privileges e.g. the financially committed member pay a monthly membership levy of N1,000 only aside the regular daily payment of the land purchase.

The monthly membership levy is a non-refundable due necessary to maintain the special membership status and does not constitute part of land payment.

  1. All financially committed member qualifies for land allocation after they have paid at least 50% of cost of land as indicated in the attached payment plan.
  2. Furthermore, all financially committed members are qualified to begin physical development of allocated land upon payment of 75% of cost of land.
  3. They can also hire building equipment belonging to the Goodnews Landlords Club at special discount during period of construction.
  4. Those who desires mortgage financial support shall be introduced to mortgage bankers or developers who provide fund for construction.

The landlords Club provide guarantee through Goodnews Estate ltd. However, please note that it is not compulsory that members must be financially committed to the landlords club, consequently, payments of the monthly membership levy is not compulsory but optional and applicable only to the who wish to belong to that group.

Can you now give me a cogent reason why you should remain a tenant when you can easily join the club of Lagos landlords? Get registered today.


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